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September 12, 2011



Spectacular !!! Love love love everything about this party. Wish my daughter who is now 17 was 2 again.. No .. wait.. scratch that but you get what I mean.. lol


love love love. what a beautiful party. No surprise. LOVE you!

hillary barney

what a fun party! great job jayme. I can't believe Sophie is 2!!!! time flies


Oh my!!! I am overwhelmed with thoughts and don't even know where to start! I can't believe she is two!! That went way too quickly! She is such a doll, Jayme. Completely adorable. The party decor looks amazing, as expected. You are one talented chica! I miss you. A lot. :(


Oh my goodness . . .look at all that cuteness . . .what a lucky girl! I can't believe she is already 2! She is beautiful. . .just like her mama :) Love ya!


i can't believe she is 2! I'm with you...how did that happen! looks like a great party. i really need to be in logan sometime for one of your birthday parties. they always look so amazing!!! love you!

Sarah Tanner

sophie has the most beautiful birthday parties! have you ever considered party planning? i would totally hire you! jayme, you are amazing.

also, i love the last photo. it looks like sophie is going to grow up to be beautiful just like you!

lots of love...sarah

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