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April 21, 2009



I CAN NOT WAIT!! We are going to have so much fun these next few months getting ready for new baby!! I love her more than anything already!! I love you! This is just the beginning of the rest of your wonderful life... Love yoU!! Be safe, come back to us happier than ever, no worries with the boys... we will take good care of them!

laura vegas

congrats jayme! that is so exciting for you! have a great trip!


Safe travels Jayme, I'll be seeing you this Saturday at the Spier estate!


i heard the awesome news from my mom. i have been meaning to call and congrat you in person, but i guess i'll have to wait since you are going on a great trip! we missed you so much while linds and patti were in st. louis. jayme i want to tell you how much i love you and how amazing i think you are. i can't wait to see all the fun stuff you do for this new little girl that is going to enter our world and hopefully i'll be able to steal some great ideas. love you jayme! XOXOX


I am so so happy for you! If anyone deserves a miracle it's YOU...
Have a great time in South Africa! It is my favorite place...Give tim and mario a huge hug! Also love to Glenda & Louise! Take the time to enjoy your good news and be in an amazing place...
I would LOVE you to call me when you get home...I miss you like CRAZY...
kiss kiss


Congratulations Jayme! I am so happy for you! You are a wonderful mother - this little girl is so blessed to come into your world. :)


Yeah!!!!! We are sooooo excited for our adorable new little niece!!!! Hope you have an amazing time in South Africa....it will be awesome!!!!

Hope you are doing well and that you know you can count on us for anything anytime!

Jenny Weston

I'm so excited for you Jayme!


I'm so excited for you Jayme. I know how much you have wanted this baby girl. You are so amazing sister cousin! You are one of my favorite people and I wish I had as much creativity as you do in your pinky! Love you!


Congrats on the good news! Can't wait to see what you have in stories you will be sharing when you get back.

Billie Sue McNeil

Jayme -- Congratulations! Wow -- what wonderful news and I'm so happy for you to have a girl! The boys are beautiful and they always want to help their Mom -- no matter how old they get -- but girls just know their mother's hearts. This will be such a good thing for you. Have fun in South Africa! I want to hear all about it and see many, many pictures! Safe travels and our prayers are with you!

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