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June 25, 2006



Music is reflection. Music is hope. Music is Powerful

these 9 words say so much !!!


Congratulations on a great post from one first-time Sunday Scribbler to another! I'm really enjoying seeing what everyone had to say about this topic. P.S. Don't you just love it when God seems to be controlling the shuffle function on your iPod! : )

Paris Parfait

Lovely post! So glad you'll get to work with the girls at church and their music! And you're right, music can be so powerful - lifting us out of dark moods or commiserating when we're sad. Glad you've joined Sunday Scribblings.


Wow.. God really does work in mysterious ways!!!!
"It was emotional and perfect for how I was feeling. As if the playlist were created by God Himself, the music along my entire 45 minute workout spoke just to me, I prayed as I cried. It made me sad, made me ask questions of myself, it made me answer those questions, it helped me come up with a plan, it made be grateful and most importantly, it helped me to reflect."

Not only does this really remind me of me, but I think it is beautifully written.

Lindsay Spinning

- I am happy for you, about your calling... I hope you are feeling better, I am always here for you, I hope you remember that. I have very strong feelings toward music as well...I relate everything to music. After I was done reading your post, I remembered something you once said to me, it was when I was living in New York and I was dating Danny (remember him) and I was not in a good place with him, and I was sitting and listening to sad songs, sad love songs, and you called me, and I was crying and you said to me, Linds, don't listen to sad songs when you are sad, that is when you need to listen to something happy or inspiring...and you know what Jayme, ever since that night, and that advice, that is exactly what I have done, and it has helped me in every way possible. I love you Jaym...don't forget.


I have music going pretty much all day...makes me happy...I agree, I need to give way more...that would also make me a happier girl!! Wonderful post!!


Yeah, you're back!!!!!!!!!! And I love it that you are doing Sunday Scribblings...very fun to write about random topics. This is a beautiful post!


Love this post. Thanks for sharing... from your heart. God works in mysterious ways... and I believe music is one of them.


Amen to that.

Max Johnson

Jayme! That was one of the most touching things that I have read in a long time, even made me a little teary eyed! It is amazing how the Lord does the things He does, just when we need them most! I'm so excited about your calling, you will be a great inspiration to the young women, as you are to all of us! love you


I just happen to come across your blog through my work/school blog I keep for my student's parents. I was just talking to a friend about the beauty, importance, need of Music! I love what you had posted on Sunday Scribblings ~ June 25, 2006. I noticed your mention of your concern of ADD in a friend/relative. I have three children with ADHD and can empathise with you. Two in high school and one in middle school and have been dealing with it since early elementary years. Weight loss, losing a loved one... all REAL fears. I take these to Christ and know I have nothing to fear but much to look forward to. God Bless you and your family.


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